Associazione vittime eccidi nazifascisti di GRIZZANA  MARZABOTTO MONZUNO 1944 


Association for the victims of the Nazi – fascist massacre in the years 1943-1944 in the municipals MARZABOTTO GRIZZANA MONZUNO (and neighbouring areas)


The association’s aim is to coordinate the legal protection of the family members from the victims of the massacre, which took place in Marzabotto, Grizzana Morandi, Monzuni and neighbouring areas.  We are enabling legal protection in sense of current processes in front of the actually responsible military court and/or on civil trials and criminal trials.

The association - in order to reach this aims in the best and most efficient way - is trying to request all the necessary administrative - documentations of the responsible departments. Furthermore, it takes care of the bureaucratic work and offers his members all the necessary information.

The association encourages together with the responsible departments the actual participation of the family members of the victims on the trials, which take place on public and institutional courts. Therefore, it coordinates and organises all the necessary activities. In addition to this, it encourages the participation of youth – organisations coming from the affected regions on the activities mentioned above, but also the interaction with similar youth initiatives.

The association promotes also cultural activities and/or initiatives, which serve for the protection of the true facts and the historical memories of the massacre, or if they are distributing these facts and memories to the younger generation. In this sense the filmic documentations about the testimonies of the survivors plays an important role. The object of this activity is to keep the memory, in order to not forget what took place in this areas as well as the protection of the rights of the victims, their family members and its inherits.

The association promotes every initiative being useful or orientated on guaranteeing information about the testimonies, their families and their inherits or guaranteeing the participation of them. Furthermore, it promotes every initiative, which is related to their legal protection, and informs them about any cultural activities and other public events, which are aiming to conserve the remembrance of the dead.  

Who we are

The association consists of more than 300 people, in which there are survivors, relatives and inherits of the nazi – fascist massacre, which has been committed in the municipals Marzabotto, Monzuno and Grizzana Morandi between spring and October 1944.

The association was founded officially in January the 4th 2006,

while a criminal trial of the first grade in front of the military court of La Spezia was taking place. Also in this case the target of the association was to enable access to a legal protection.


                             Assembly of relatives

Valter Cardi, Gian Luca Luccarini, Elide Luccarini, Anna Rosa Nannetti, Renato Chirici, Giovanna Monti, Umberto Possenti, Bruno Zebri, Andrea Bolognesi, Pietro Marchioni, Romano Franchi, Maria Lubini


                        President: Gian Luca Luccarini


                     Vicarious President: Romano Franchi


                             Secretary: Maria Lubini